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2020 Best Neighborhoods in Austin For Families

Posted on June 30, 2020

Austin is a fun and wacky place to live, with so many music festivals and other types of events going on. There is so much culture that it attracts music, technology, startups, and more!

With its explosive growth in recent years thanks to the tech scene moving from Silicon Valley, Austin is starting to really grow into its own uniqueness.

With that in mind, people that start to move to Austin or have made a home soon ask this important question...

Is Austin Good For Families?

And the answer is: hell yes!

Austin covers many of the most important pieces required for families:

  • Career opportunities
  • Wide range of industries
  • TONS of fun and activities
  • A growing community that is modern
  • All sorts of outdoor activities
  • Reputable schools and universities
  • Homes in a many price ranges and types
  • Diversity with people from all over the world
  • And year-round events for all ages, including kids and families

Because of that, Austin is an amazing place to both advance a career and raise a family, providing lots of exposure, culture, quality living, and education.


Where Do Families Live in Austin

Depending on what price range or size of home you are looking for, there will be some neighborhoods that are more ideal than others.

Most families stay in the surrounding areas and suburbs, which make it a lot quieter than the action-filled downtown part of the city.

Here are some of the best suburbs to check out for your family planning:


Allandale is located in the north-central part of Austin and boasts high quality schools as one of its most prominent features, including A.N. McCallum High School, which has a special focus on fine arts programs.

Aside from the schools, Allandale offers some very unique restaurants that give you a super local cuisine and environment. Additionally, the neighborhood association is committed to making a family-friendly environment and schedules activities throughout the year.

The Median Home Price is $295,000, where the median rent is roughly around $700.

The Crime Rate sites at about 45% lower than the national average.


Brentwood is next on our list, of great suburbs for families. While it's also located in the north-central region of Austin, it's a very trendy area that house one of the higher counts of single family residences.

The neighborhood sits close to all three of the primary education schools (elementary, middle, and high school) which means that not only do the kids not have to travel far for class, but they can actually go through school grades with largely the same class mates. With this location, it's also not a far commute for the parents that work in the city.

There's also a neighborhood park, Brentwood Park, which is a nine-acre park that contains a playground, baseball fields, and tennis courts. It's the main family attraction where local events are hosted throughout the year. There is also a local bowling and arcade facility nearby that attracts many of the young'uns.

The Median Home Price sits around $285,000, with a median rent price right around $1,150 per month.

The Crime Rate is also at a 45% lower than national average.

Bushy Creek

Bushy Creek offers a unique and interesting feel for families that love the Austin metro area but also want to have that small-town lifestyle.

The neighborhood provides a real nature feel to it as well, with a lot of trees and fairly large lots. It's also close to the city of Round Rock, which gives access to even more suburban lifestyle and cuisines as well as the Round Rock Express, the Minor League Baseball team. The city also provides quick access to greater Austin.

Some of the amenities of the area for families are the parks, which include a disc gold course, and access to spring-fed streams, hiking, open fields for family activities, and ponds.

The Median Home Price is $248,000, and the median rent is about $1,200 per month.

The Crime Rate is currently around 50% lower than the national average, which is pretty solid!


Super close to Allandale, Cherrywood sits near A.N. McCallum High School, and is popular because of its proximity to parks and the uniqueness to shaded trees.

Maplewood Elementary sites within the boundaries of the neighborhood, and is within walking distance of most of the homes. So, you'll see many parents walking their kids to school as opposed to sitting in child drop-off or pick-up lines.

The neighborhood is also super close to University of Texas at Austin, which means that die-hard families of the Texas Longhorns can take family trips to campus on game days, and college students can still commute from home rather than going to dorms if they choose.

The Median Home Price is about $295,000, and the median rent sits at $1,150 per month.

The Crime Rate is roughly 32% lower than the national average.


Crestview is one of the neighborhoods where housing costs are bit higher than most, but it has its own style of home designs and infrastructure. The homes are more of a cottage-style accompanied with large backyards, which can be great for at-home gatherings or gardens. It's one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Austin for families.

Crestview is home to the Wall of Welcome, which is a 120-foot mosaic created in 2008, serving as a local landmark and point of interest for those who are visiting the area.

This neighborhood is also close to the Northcross Mall, which has a variety of shopping stores and an indoor ice skating rink.

The Median Home Price is $330,000, making it a bit more expensive than the other neighborhoods so far. The median rent is around $1,350.

The Crime Rate is 43% lower than the national average.


One of the fastest-growing communities, Leander is actually a very affordable suburb in the north part of Austin.

Residents get to enjoy views of beautiful Texas hills and still sits close to many jobs and recreational facilities close to Austin. There is also the Capital MetroRail Red Line which comes through this area to help commuters get back to the city more easily.

Leander is near Lake Travis, which offers lots of fishing and boating activities and many more outdoor adventures such as scuba diving and ziplines. It's a great place for family trips or things for teenagers to do on the weekends.

The Median Home Price is about $178,000, with the median rent sitting around $1,400. For this area, it's better to buy than rent, if you can find anything available.

The Crime Rate is about 55% lower than the national average.


An odd name (pronounced "flu-ger-ville"), it's derived from German settlers who first came to the area and turned it into farmland. The influence persists to this day, which is celebrated by festivals, parades, carnivals, and other live events and performances that are perfect for families with kids.

Pflugerville has other outdoor events such as kayaking, fishing, wind surfing, and has a small beach area at Lake Pflugerville Park. Typhoon Texas is also located nearby, which attracts people from all over the city and neighboring cities.

Housing is currently affordable considering the rapid growth the area is experiencing, but that may soon change.

The Median Home Price is $182,000, with the median rent hovering at $1,200.

The Crime Rate sits at 35% lower than the national average.

South Lamar

Known for its large range of dining and entertainment, South Lamar has both single family residences, and a range of multi-family complexes, including large complexes, duplexes, and everything in between.

This area is known for having the oldest high school in Texas, and is also home to the Broken Spoke, which has featured many famous musicians. It's one of the best spots to catch music and enjoy a night out with the family.

The Median Home Price is $282,000, with the median rent being $1,100 per month.

The Crime Rate sits at 38% lower than the national average.

So, there you have it! Some of the best neighborhood to choose from, each with their own perks and still close to the center of the city, that are GREAT for the family.

Another common question that people ask is...

How Much Do You Need To Make To Live in Austin?

It is not expensive to live in Austin if you're choosing the right areas. Depending on where you live in Austin, you can get by with a median salary.

If you want to live close to the center of town, then you're likely going to have to afford more expensive places as they're considered more scarce and/or luxurious now.

But for most of the areas that we mentioned in this article, you can get by with a $75,000 annual income. The median income for the city sites around $55,000, which means that most of the neighborhoods and suburbs are still very much affordable.

One of the greatest benefits to being in Texas is the lack of income tax, which means you can do a lot more with a lower salary than many other states.